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For all of you who always crack up at 'the circle' portion of That 70's Show, here's a chance to be just as random! When you're In the Circle, you can say whatever comes to mind at the time. Relive past experiences, announce new ideas ("there's a car...and it runs on WATER, man!"), do whatever as long as it's amusing (and reasonably clean)! You can even make little posts about your favorite "Circle" moment.

Whatever works, man. That's cool. Zen out.


- Excessive amounts of pictures (more than 3) should be put behind an LJ-Cut.
- No nudity, please. I'm sure we all enjoy it, but this isn't a porn community. ;)
- This is an expressive community, so it's gonna be chock-full of opinions. Please respect peoples' opinions, and don't start flaming wars. We have enough of that on the regular journals. Basically, if you feel like you're a very contraversial person and you get insulted easily: THIS IS NOT THE COMMUNITY FOR YOU! :D

*If you don't respect the rules listed above, you will get one warning in the form of a comment on the offending post. Then, if you continue to execute the offense, you will be booted from the community. I'll do it! I will! o.o!*

Have a groovy day.

Fun Banners and Things

by mysticchick86

*If you wanna make a banner, I'll be glad to post it up here. :) Purely for fun. I know some people tend to get bored and inspired at the same time.*